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The development of Interior Design is a two-staged process at our agency.  At the first stage we develop the overall design style and finalize the Technical Requirements.  The second stage is development of Design Solutions – a set of detailed proposals with materials and furniture specification.



Stage 1. Overall style development.  Approval of Technical Requirements.


  • In-depth discussion of the preferences, vision and functionality with the Client

  • Aggregation and analysis of the existing building project documentation

  • Re-measurement of the premises and final analysis of the property

  • Development of Technical Requirements for Design Project – the essential document for all future actions

  • Compilation of Interior Design Concept, as an album (and/or set of boards) with the visions of all the interiors and major details, reflecting proposed solutions for style and color schemes.  Approval of the Concept with the Client

  • Development of the preliminary room planning solutions, as set of sketches, reflecting proposed furniture and light arrangements   


Stage 2. Development of Design Solutions.


  • Based on the approved Technical Requirements, Design Concepts and room plans we develop detailed Design Solutions for:

    • Finishing materials for walls, floors, ceilings – photos and samples

    • Sanitary equipment solutions from different vendors – specification

    • Electrical and low-current equipment – specification 

    • Ventilation grills – photos/samples and specification

    • Built-in lighting solutions – schemes, specifications

    • Doors, – sketches and proposed specification

    • Ceiling cornices and floor plinths – sketches

    • Kitchen furniture – scheme, design, appliance choice and specification

    • Built-in custom furniture – design, finishes and full specification

    • Curtains and blinds – specification and selection of textiles, samples provided

    • Stand-alone furniture – album of proposals with photos and specification

    • Decorative lighting, decorative and art elements - album of proposals with photos and specification


At this stage, at Client’s request, we can work on the cost side of the project, optimizing the solutions according to the budget constraints.

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