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One of the services provided by ARTECOM is - DECORATION of the existing space.

The goal of such a project would be to create an entirely new feeling and possibly to change its athmosphere.

In this case, we work with "as is" interior submitted by the Client.

Whether it is an empty room or a premise with some available furniture, a design concept will be developed to suit Client's vision with all the details such as the selection of new color solutions, fabrics and textures, furniture, light and decor elements.
Based on the preferences, vision and functionality confirmed with the Client  we develop detailed Decoration Solutions for:

  • Finishing materials for walls, floors, ceilings – photos and samples

  • Curtains and blinds – selection of textiles and specification 
  • Textile schemes, upholstery, bed linens etc. -  selection and  specifications 

  • Free standing furniture – album of proposals with photos  and  specifications 

  • Decorative lighting, decorative accessories and art items - album of proposals with photos and specifications 


As the result we can entirely change the style and atmosphere of the house, to reflect all the modern trends and technological solutions and to make it a true home for current and future family generations.  


At this stage, at Client’s request, we can work on the cost side of the project, optimizing the solutions according to the budget constraints.


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